2024 Moshe Givoni Prize

I have been part of an exceptional team of SSH experts that delivered an impactful paper for the european research agenda on transport and mobility, moving it towards more socio-technical approaches. The outcomes of this joint effort were published in Transport Reviews under the title "A Social Sciences and Humanities research agenda for transport and mobility in Europe: key themes and 100 research questions”. The paper has been awarded with the 2024 Moshe Givoni Prize.

Named in Memory of Moshe Givoni, this prize has been set up to celebrate the contributions he made to transport research and to the running of Transport Reviews for over 10 years as Associate Editor. First presented in 2020, the award recognizes the outstanding scholarship of many of the papers published in the Journal. Each year, the Editors will select the best paper published in Transport Reviews over the previous calendar year. Winners receive a certificate, citation and a prize of €500.

According to Transport Reviews: “This paper was published in the fourth issue of 2023 (volume 43, issue 4) and was an outstanding contribution to the journal as it provides a novel research agenda consisting of 8 themes and 100 research questions that may contribute to achieving environmentally sustainable mobility transitions. Their research agenda highlights the need to not only support technological solutions for low-carbon mobility, but the importance of transformative policies that include new processes of knowledge production, civic participation and epistemic justice. This paper has already received a lot of attention (with more than 7,000 views and 15 citations in less than 12 months) and is likely to be an important document for researchers working on various transport topics in the coming years”

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