Welcome events @UC Berkeley

It has been almost a month now, since the welcome events @UC Berkeley, but I think I should refer to them as they really helped me get familiar with my new academic environment. The first one was organized on September 26 by my host Institute (Institute of Urban & Regional Development - IURD) at the Faculty Club. It was a lunch gathering of all IURD Visiting Scholars highlighting the start of the Fall 2012 semester. The event was really nice, as it offered the opportunity to meet and share our research interests with all the colleagues from around the world who will spend some time @IURD. The excellent place and weather along with the warm welcome of Professor Cervero (Director of IURD) formed an ideal interaction platform for all of us. 

A nice picture of the IURD Visiting Scholars just after the lunch gathering in front of the Wurster Hall, where IURD is based.                                    Back row L-R: Fernando Magdaleno, Raphael Sperry, Suresh Rohilla, Steffen Lehmann
Front row L-R: Reena Tiwari, Lynne Horiuchi, Carlos Donadio, Flavia Cumoli, Dimitris Milakis

A day after IURD Visiting Scholars gathering (September 27), another welcome event was organized by the UC Berkeley International Office and the International House. I think it was that event that made me realize what a truly International University means. Researchers from all around the word in the same place pursuing their ideas, interests, dreams, work and of course culture. According to VSPA, Berkeley is host to more than 2,500 visitors from other universities, colleges, research laboratories, and government agencies who conduct research using University facilities. 

A photo @the Great Hall of the International House taken from my good friend Suresh Rohilla

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