Special Issue on long term implications of automated vehicles published in Transport Reviews

The Special Issue on long term implications of automated vehicles has been recently published in Transport Reviews and is available here.

As I mentioned in my guest-editorial (available open access here): “After a long period of overly optimistic discussions and mostly technological oriented research on AVs, there are early signs that deployment of AVs will likely be much more complicated than initially expected, possibly involving adverse long-term implications for social and environmental sustainability. Early exploration of those implications and of the associated policy responses is important to not only prevent unwanted consequences but also shape development of this new mobility technology in a socially desirable way. This Special Issue served this purpose by reviewing evidence and discussing long-term travel behaviour, spatial, planning and governance implications of AVs.”

I really enjoyed guest-editing this SI for Transport Reviews! I hope these ideas will add another block of knowledge towards socially and environmentally sustainable use of automated vehicles in the future.

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