Lecture on implications of automated vehicles in Aalto University Summer School 2016

The Aalto University Summer School 2016 on Transportation will focus this year on Complexity of Mobility. The Summer School will be held on August 15-19, 2016 in Otaniemi, Espoo, Finland.

According to the programme the lectures will focus on emerging mobility and data technologies, social dimension and values, ethics, and planning and policy perspectives. The centerpiece of the Summer School is complexity, underlying all the aspects of modern transportation, from human behavior to technological interdependencies.

The week-long Summer School is planned to be a comprehensive experience. In addition to lectures, the Summer School will include a workshop designed to encourage participation and exchange of experiences, as well as a site visit. The lecturers will include renowned experts from Finland and across the world, including such institutions as University of Oxford, TU Delft, University College London, Tel Aviv University, University of Aberdeen, NTNU, University of Amsterdam, Israel Institute of Technology, and Istanbul Technical University.

I am glad that I will contribute to the Aalto University Summer School 2016 with a lecture on implications of automated vehicles.  

Further information about the Aalto University Summer School 2016 is available here and the programme can be downloaded from here.

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