Workshop on Vehicle Automation – EWGT 2015

Monday 13 July 2015 (14:00 – 16:00, Aula TU Delft – Commissiekamer 2)
Automated vehicles will likely be a reality in coming years. This workshop offers the attendant a picture of the research challenges that lie ahead in vehicle automation. We will focus on technology and human factors, but also on implications for traffic, mobility and land use. This is an opportunity to know more about emerging trends in this hot topic and meet the team of TU Delft that is involved in numerous national and international projects on vehicle automation research.

Guest speakers:
  • Bart van Arem: Automated Vehicles: definitions, opportunities and issues
  • Joost de Winter: Technology and Human factors
  • Maaike Snelder: Traffic impacts
  • Gonçalo Correia: Mobility impacts
  • Dimitris Milakis: Land use impacts

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