Ado(a)pting the Transit-Oriented Development Model in the Greek Urban and Transport Contexts

Abstract: Greece is at a critical juncture in its history. Significant changes are needed in its cities' development to ensure a sustainable economic, social and environmental perspective. In this study, we investigated the possibility of introducing the transit-oriented development (TOD) principles to a typical suburban municipality of Athens. We aimed to determine how the general planning guidelines, which have already been applied in US and European contexts, could serve as a comprehensive land use and transport plan. Significant adjustments to local conditions are required to reverse the chronic pathologies of an urban landscape that incorporates Western suburbanization trends and domestic planning failures. 

Keywords: Transit-oriented development; integrated land use and transport planning; Athens; Greece 

Free online access to this article is available from here (limited number of copies)  

Milakis, D., Vafeiadis, E., 2014. Ado(a)pting the transit-oriented developmentmodel in the Greek urban and transport contexts. Planning Practice and Research, DOI: 10.1080/02697459.2014.893952

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