Build it? Why and Where?

Friday, May 24th 2013
1:40 - 3:00 pm
ITS (Institute of Transportation Studies) - UC Davis

Build it? Why and Where?
Intentions, attitudes and preferences about cycling in the Greek context

Dimitris Milakis
Marie Curie Research Fellow IURD|UC Berkeley, TLO|TU Delft

A live stream link for the talk is available here

Few words about ITS-Davis copied from the introductory note of the Institute’s web site:
“The Institute of Transportation Studies at UC Davis (ITS-Davis) is the leading university center in the world on sustainable transportation.  It is home to more than 60 affiliated faculty and researchers, 120 graduate students, and has roughly $15 million in funding. While our principal focus is research, we also emphasize education and outreach. The Institute is unique in hosting a graduate program in transportation, matching interdisciplinary research with interdisciplinary education. Our Transportation Technology and Policy (TTP) graduate curriculum draws from 34 different academic disciplines. Our more than 225 alumni are becoming leaders in government and industry”

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